May 23, 2022

Veronica Ebanks - Adoption, Trauma, Triumph

Veronica Ebanks -  Adoption, Trauma, Triumph
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Veronica Ebanks is an Afro-Caribbean woman from Jamaica, who was adopted and raised in London.  She endured a traumatic childhood, yet overcame adversities, stress and abandonment to find joy and acceptance of self.  Veronica is a wife, mom and grandmother.

The redundancy of years in the science education profession, resulted in Veronica creating a career as an Independent Safeguarding Consultant/Trainer and Restorative Justice Practitioner.  As owner of Verelba Mind & Body, Veronica provides artisanal skincare, wellbeing items and holistic therapy (Federation of Holistic Therapists registered).  She advocates natural wellbeing and holistic therapy support.  She is now building a coaching/mentoring business for older females.
As a spoken Word artist, she shares her poetry, writing and performance poetry on stage since February 2016 with radio and online appearances.  She is Co-author of book 'Life Inna Lockdown 2020 - Behind Closed Doors'.  Her acting roles includes plays ‘Joseph versus Barrett’ October 2020 and 'Cries From Their Cells', 2021.

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