Feb. 28, 2022

ReGina Smithwick - Let's Talk 1943

ReGina Smithwick - Let's Talk 1943
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ReGina Smithwick was born in Harlem, NY raised in Mount Vernon, NY via Teaneck NJ.   She is ROYAL, EDUCATED, GORGEOUS, INNOVATIVE, NICE, and AMAZING! ReGina did not embrace this about herself before 2019.  A mental breakdown caused her to seek the help of a spiritual life coach.  This was the beginning of her journey to recognizing her value and purpose.  She found her voice.

ReGina is the founder of ReGina Smithwick Enterprises LLC,  a Professional Organizer, Certified Life Coach, the creator of Let's Talk a Talk show & podcast, motivational speaker and author.  Her passion is to help empower, uplift and motivate others.

This is her story.

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Book: Adoption: The Unknown Blessing -found on Amazon