Nov. 8, 2021

Nicole Commissiong-Entrepreneur Dedicated to Helping Others Succeed

Nicole Commissiong-Entrepreneur Dedicated to Helping Others Succeed
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Nicole Commissiong, is  Co Founder and Senior Vice President of Dynamic Service Solutions an Engineering, a Project Management and Emergency Management firm.  A  native of Trinidad and Tobago,  she did not dream of being an entrepreneur.  She realized that  the 9 to 5 world did not allow her the freedom needed for her life and family.  Nicole entered the entrepreneur space in her zone of genius: recruiting. The journey has had its challenges, but she and her husband stayed committed to their business, staff and clients which have included Verizon and the Federal Government.

"I oftentimes think about the paths I traveled and the choices God gave me. In these reflections, I am grateful for the growth that has come from listening and following my path and purpose." Nicole finds it satisfying to see how far she has come.

This is her story.

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