March 21, 2022

Lynn Bonner - Transformation Specialist

Lynn Bonner - Transformation Specialist
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Lynn Bonner is a Transformation Specialist, with 20+ years experience in corporate IT with many Fortune 500 companies. Lynn is founder of Action Leadership Lab’s mission to elevate more women into leadership levels inside and outside of Corporate America. 

As a black female leader in Corporate IT Digital Transformations, Lynn revamps how businesses work to gain higher profits, create happier engaged employees, and turn customers into raving referring fans, even during stressful times of change. 

“As a black woman, my approach is different. My emphasis is on the energy flow of the 
business and internal processes. It is my mission to close money leaks, decrease time wasters, and recognize cultural issues (energy drags) leaders didn't even realize existed, without the perspective of a black female leader.”

Lynn also leads a Women's Leadership Development Program called The LEAD Collective which provides community, workshops, & access to emerging women of color in technology who want to advance their careers in male-dominated fields like STEM or finance through business education courses led by accomplished professionals.

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