April 25, 2022

Joi Fisher-Griffin: Stop Whispering and Let's Talk About Adoption

Joi Fisher-Griffin:  Stop Whispering and Let's Talk About Adoption
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Author and entrepreneur Joi R. Fisher-Griffin is an experienced educator, a passionate adoption advocate, and a patron of the arts.  After going through her own struggles as an adoptee, Joi wrote her memoir, Finding Joi: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Love. She shared her story so that she could help others who sit in silence about their struggles, and she continues to find ways to be open about adoption, not only with adults but with young people, too. 

Joi is the author of two best-selling children’s adoption books Choosing Joi: An Adoptee’s Journey and Finding Belonging and Singing with Joi: There Are Lots of Different Ways to Be a Family. Joi’s books are designed to bring awareness to adoption sensitive topics and language. She believes adoptees, prospective adoptive parents, and adoptive and foster families can find resources and their community of support if WE all Stop Whispering and Let’s Talk Adoption.

 Joi also serves as a volunteer with Miriam’s Heart an organization supporting adoptive and foster families. Joi is no stranger to life’s challenges but truly believes Finding Joy is Possible!

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