May 15, 2022

Janice Liggins - Finding Purpose

Janice Liggins - Finding Purpose

Janice Hatcher Liggins is a Speaker, TV Host, Founder of A Non-Profit, and author of Journey To Your Calling and business owner.

Through her writing and talks, she helps people uncover their purpose. She chronicles her journey to finding her calling in life and how the Lord helped her overcome obstacles along the way.  In 2010, Janice started The Clarion Call; a non-profit organization  that  works to stem the flow of youth toward the prison system primarily by closing the literacy and achievement gap in underserved youth and children of the incarcerated.

"I am able to help people uncover a more purpose driven life through God. I believe that everyone has a purpose and I am passionate about inspiring others to achieve spiritual maturity on their life journey."

Janice has indeed found her purpose.

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