Lacey C. Clark! - Ms. Phenomenal Everywhere

Jan. 24, 2022

Lacey C. Clark! is truly Ms. Phenomenal! Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Lacey developed a love of the arts at the historic New Freedom Theatre where she was educated in theater, vocal, and dance. Lacey C. Clark! a…

Tiffany Moore - Christians Dealing with Identity Crisis After Being Offended

Jan. 17, 2022

Tiffany Moore is a devoted wife, sister, friend, author and business owner. She created Disciple Moore to encourage everyone to follow Christ through their everyday life as decisions and obstacles are presented. "Disciple M…

Stephanie Olson: Passionate About Saving Our Youth from Human Trafficking

Jan. 4, 2022

Stephanie Olson successfully balances the life as a CEO of a thriving nonprofit, as a wife, and as a mom of three (and a fur baby). Living through trauma, dealing with disordered eating, alcoholism, domestic and sexual viol…

Season 4 Intro

Jan. 3, 2022

Welcome Season 4 and 2022! In this season we will hear from: Survivors Advocates Authors Entrepreneurs Moms Women of color who are using their voices and stories to help bring about positive changes in their families, commun…

Kimberly Bell - Accept and Embrace It All

Nov. 22, 2021

Kimberly Bell is a passionate speaker and author who uses personal life struggles as a fountain of inspiration, empowerment and insight into the realities that are often hidden beneath the surface of our society. She covers …

Nicole Commissiong-Entrepreneur Dedicated to Helping Others Succeed

Nov. 8, 2021

Nicole Commissiong, is Co Founder and Senior Vice President of Dynamic Service Solutions an Engineering, a Project Management and Emergency Management firm. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she did not dream of being an en…

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging with Sonia Lewis

Oct. 25, 2021

Sonia Lewis, recognized the lack of equality early. At age 7, she refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because she didn't see "liberty and justice for all," especially those who looked like her, her family, and her comm…

Dr. Pat Sanders Thrives On Communication

Oct. 11, 2021

Dr. Pat Sanders Ph.D, a native of North Alabama is a speaker, teacher, mentor and more. Pat's journey in communications began as broadcast journalist at a local radio station, later becoming news director and regional new…

Jenny Jay and Mom Kumi Jay are Passionate about Life and Entrepreneurship

Sept. 20, 2021

Based in Canada, Mother and Daughter Kumi and Jenny Jay are successful women using their voices to bring awareness, change and balance to the world. Jenny Jay is a creator, activist, storyteller and entrepreneur in the media…

Breakout Coach LaToya NaShae

Sept. 6, 2021

LaToya NaShae's joy is found in coming along beside others on their journey to discovering who they are in Christ and becoming empowered to walk in purpose. Whether seated beside her on the couch, across the country, or in a…

Season 3 Intro

Sept. 1, 2021

It's Season 3! We are excited to share our conversations with a new group of amazing women of color. Be inspired, motivated and excited by the stories you will hear!

Season 2 Recap

June 28, 2021

Season 2 is a wrap! We talked to some fabulous women of color who are doing big things in a variety of area; holistic health, wellness and life coaching, civil service law, mentoring and fertility. Hear their stories, share…

Dr. Kizzy M. Parks Industrial/Organizational Psychology Entrepreneur

June 25, 2021

Growing up, Kizzy knew two things, one, that she’d earn a PhD. in psychology and two, that she’d become an entrepreneur. As a kid, she’d collect golf balls located in an alley behind her friend's house in Danville, Illinois…

The Curvy Nutrition Coach Farah M. Green

May 24, 2021

Brooklyn, NY born Farah M. Green is a dynamic Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, Body Activist, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. She believes that elevating one's self-esteem can set you on the path to a healthier weigh…

Holistic Healthy Living with Cassandra Hill

May 17, 2021

Cassandra Hill is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. After overcoming systemic lupus with a regimen she developed; Cassandra birthed Holistic Living Consulting, LLC. Her mission is to empower women …

Tasha Youngblood Brown is standing in her truth and making every minute count.

May 3, 2021

Tasha Youngblood Brown's story will inspire you to dream, remain focused and live intentionally. Her journey is filled with accomplishments, challenges and the unexpected. Tasha is a purpose driven leader with 25 years of e…

Potential is Ana Berdecia's favorite word!

April 19, 2021

This is a story of dreams, resilience, faith and motivation. Ana Berdecia likes to work with people to help them discover their passion, potential, and purpose. This growth expert has 30 years experience within the area of…

Social Entrepreneur and Fertility Expo Founder -Michelle Mckoy

April 5, 2021

Born in London, Michelle Mckoy is focused and driven.. Michelle is a social entrepreneur having created platforms that impact communities in the space of tech and women's health. She is the founder of the Miami XR Expo and …

Attorney for the people-Deirdre Webster Cobb

March 29, 2021

Deirdre Webster Cobb is a dynamic leader who believes in advocating for others. She knows the importance of having mentors and encourages other to help guide the way for younger women. Hear how Deirdre's story unfolds and…

Women Of Color Empowerment Entrepreneur Motivational Females In Business

Be F.I.E.R.C.E. with Carolyn Colleen

March 15, 2021

Carolyn Colleen is a self-described FIERCE mother, daughter, sister, and friend. While her past has made a permanent stamp on her life, it doesn’t define her. Her past trauma and abuse has positioned her to develop and leve…

Women Of Color Empowerment Motivational Faith Author

Take Aim with Carenda Deonne

Feb. 15, 2021

"If your shoes are untied you will trip. If they stay untied you will fall. Don't be your own stumbling block. TAKE AIM!" Carenda Deonne is a licensed minister, author, coach who empowers women through her own story of u…

Entrepreneur Motivational Business Owner Jewelry Mentor Life Coach

Courageously Alive Life Coach Tonya Brewington

Jan. 25, 2021

Tonya Brewington is CEO of The TBREWING Group consulting firm and founder of Courageously Alive life coaching. Listen to Tonya's story as she shares her passion to help others live their best lives.

Intro: Season 2

Jan. 18, 2021

A new year and a new season of Her Voice Her Story podcast! Get ready for more inspiring stories from amazing women of color.

Season 1 Recap

Aug. 23, 2020

Season 1 is a wrap! We talked to some fabulous women of color who are doing big things in a variety of areas. Hear their stories, share with your friends and get ready for more in October for Season 2.