Oct. 11, 2021

Dr. Pat Sanders Thrives On Communication

Dr. Pat Sanders Thrives On Communication
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Dr. Pat Sanders Ph.D,  a native of North Alabama is a speaker, teacher, mentor and more.

Pat's journey in communications began as broadcast journalist at a local radio  station, later becoming news director and  regional news bureau director.  After an award winning  twenty year career in radio,  Pat turned her sights to the academic arena.

Teaching Journalism and Digital Media Production at her alma mater, University of North Alabama,  Pat is now Professor and Chair in the Department of Communication.   Her students benefit from her wealth of knowledge, motivation, mentorship and leadership skills.

Her award winning podcast This Prof Life highlights outstanding  women of color in higher education.  Dr. Pat Sanders is a motivational and public speaker,  writer, wife to husband Lin Sanders and mom to two adult children.  She is very involved with her church,  enjoys travel and a good cup of strong coffee.  You will find her blazing a trail that others can follow!

Dr. Pat Sanders is a voice to be heard!  This is her story.

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