June 27, 2022

Dr. Nicole Perrotte - From Burnout to Balanced Living

Dr. Nicole Perrotte - From Burnout to Balanced Living

 Dr. Nicole Perrotte is Board Certified in Internal Medicine with 15 plus years of practicing  in the hospital setting.  She had additional responsibilities of administrative work including being a medical director and working on quality improvements. With the arrival of her twins, Nicole found herself unable to do it all. That was when she found that she was burnt out.  

She was able to find coaching and get to the other side and is now thriving.  She helps professional women who are stressed and burned out from dealing with the quakes  of life, work-life balance, stress, time management and young children.  "I help them find their voice and reclaim their life. "   

 Dr. Perrotte is a Certified Wellness Coach who is passionate about helping other women to find time for themselves to practice self-care and reclaim 

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