Sept. 20, 2022

Cathleen Dean - Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker

Cathleen Dean - Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker
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Cathleen Dean, born in Westchester County, NY, is an Emmy award-winning American film director, producer, and photographer.  With a BA in History from Columbia University, she approaches her work from an anthropological point of view.  Coupled with her MFA from University of Miami in Major Motion Films,  Cathleen brings out  historical truths that have been lost, forgotten, or hidden with time.

Runway Afrique, Wade in the Water: Drowning in Racism, and Being are some of her famous films to date.  She has received the Roxbury Film Festival Best Documentary Short and an EMMY from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to name a few.

Cathleen has a passion for storytelling that brings about positive change in our communities.  She is the founder of BlackCat Media, LLC.

Connect with Cathleen: