March 28, 2022

Angela Durant-Founder of The Be Brilliant Movement: Part 2

Angela Durant-Founder of The Be Brilliant Movement: Part 2
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 Angela Durant is a Brand Strategist, the creator of the Legacy Brand Method and Founder of the Be Brilliant Movement where she helps established Business Owners and Brave Entrepreneurs Build their Brands from the Inside Out, so they Own themselves, Run Profitable Businesses and they’re positioned to Make a Significant impact in the lives of others. 

A talented speaker and master storyteller, Angela has the ability to inspire companies and individuals to take action and show up powerfully in business and in life. 

Angela resides in Prince of Prussia, PA, and is also a wife and proud mom of a brilliant little boy she affectionately calls Duke. 

Angela attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds a Certificate of Hotel Administration from Cornell University and is a LevelC Brand Strategist.  Whether you are in the corporate setting or an entrepreneur, Angela wants you to know that you have choices and you are brilliant.

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