Her Voice Her Story

Her Voice Her Story

Her Voice Her Story is the only podcast aimed to motivate and inspire women of color over age 40 to find their voices and pursue the dreams they have put on pause. Every woman has a story; those stories deliver truth and promote self-worth and once shared have the power to bring about positive changes.

Recent Episodes

Constance Howard - It's Never Too Late To Change Course

May 16, 2022

Constance Howard is an Executive Coach specializing in empowering professional woman to build confidence and make significant changes in their personal and/or professional lives. After 35+ years in broadcast news, Constance …

Janice Liggins - Finding Purpose

May 15, 2022

Janice Hatcher Liggins is a Speaker, TV Host, Founder of A Non-Profit, and author of Journey To Your Calling and business owner. Through her writing and talks, she helps people uncover their purpose. She chronicles her journ…

Maribel Ortega - Unshakeable Confidence

May 2, 2022

Maribel Ortega, born and raised in the Dominical Republic, speaks five languages, has lived in six different cities and has traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe, Latin America and the US. Maribel has more than t…

Joi Fisher-Griffin: Stop Whispering and Let's Talk About Adoption

April 25, 2022

Author and entrepreneur Joi R. Fisher-Griffin is an experienced educator, a passionate adoption advocate, and a patron of the arts. After going through her own struggles as an adoptee, Joi wrote her memoir, Finding Joi: A T…

Mayi Lenz-Using Photography to Empower

April 11, 2022

Mayi Lenz is a Personal Branding & Fine Art Photographer, Speaker, Podcaster and Philanthropist with a passion for helping women lead unapologetically. Her focus is to help women entrepreneurs increase brand awareness to gen…

Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq, MBA - Living Life Unapologetically AF

April 4, 2022

Kelly Charles-Collins, CEO of HR Legally Speaking, LLC is an Unconscious Bias expert, Chief Visionary Badass, retired trial attorney, TEDx speaker, author, podcast host, mediator, and arbitrator, and magazine publisher. She’…

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